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Tim is a creative, collaborative and passionate leader. A colleague once described him as a “lightening rod in driving positive change.” Tim has the mind of an entrepreneur, the heart of a coach & storyteller and the soul of a singer/songwriter. As a seasoned facilitator, presenter, coach and advisor, he has brought value to over 50,000 leaders.

Before entering the business world, Tim delighted audiences in stage productions such as: Les Miserables (Royal Alexandra Theatre, National Arts Centre); Napoleon (Elgin Theatre); and Fiddler on the Roof (Huron Country Playhouse). His training as a professional performer enables him to create customized client experiences with the clients as the “stars of the show.”

In the mid 90’s, he joined Canada’s largest private communications firm at the time, ICE (Integrated Communications & Entertainment) as a Senior Account Director, and worked with many of Canada’s best & biggest companies. It was with ICE that he first experienced the power of story and a highly engaged, creative workplace culture.

He then left the corporate communications business to pursue his passion of training & coaching. He joined leading training firm Horn & Associates where he led the delivery of sales & sales management training programs. While at Horn, his entrepreneurial mind engaged him in the question, “why don’t you start and grow a training business on your own?”

So, in 2000, Tim founded the firm Fusion Learning (, with the vision of creating the de facto sales effectiveness leader in Canada within 10 years. Over the next decade, Tim orchestrated a world-class team of professionals, clients and training solutions. Tim sold the Fusion business to internal team members in 2012 and today Fusion is the largest & fastest growing private training firm in Canada (according to Profit Magazine) & has been recognized as one of Canada’s best small & medium sized employers for four years in a row and one of Canada’s most Admired Corporate Cultures (according to Waterstone).

In 2012, Tim reunited with ICE’s Doug Keeley to become a Master Storyteller & Partner for The Mark of a Leader ( He combines his passion, leadership skill and experience to bring conferences to life through leadership stories & unique workshop activities. He loves delivering on The Mark of a Leader’s mission: “the global leader in using stories to inspire & drive performance.”

In 2014, Tim and 3 others (Nick Foster, Suchitra Davies-Webb and Lorella DePieri) decided to create a collective to serve the growing engagement challenge in workplaces. They formed a vision & values driven organization called 1-degree (, whose purpose is to inspire & equip organizations with the agility to transform. 1-degree provides customized solutions for mid-sized organizations in the areas of Strategy, Purpose, Culture & Leadership for leaders with an appetite to transform.

Outside of work, he enjoys quality time with his wife and 3 kids and fuelling his passion for music. His 3rd original album, Scorpio Soul is an EP of six songs. His first two albums of original music, Zig Zag Bridge & Endless Sky are available on iTunes. Tim is active on Twitter where he shares ideas and perspectives on leadership, storytelling, songwriting, strategy and culture – @timmagwood.